GIS Titles, what do they mean?

After a decade as a GIS professional I have a decent understanding of titles and salary expectations that come with it.  Here is my list.  There are more titles out there but these are the most abundant. The salaries are from Indeed.

GIS Intern: Learning GIS, has to be supervised at all times.

Salary: $28,000. enough for food and rent of a room.

GIS Technician: Entry level position, one map under your belt. You know more than the average Google Maps user but need supervision from someone who can make a map.

Salary: $38,000 . Living with roommates and eating ramen

GIS Specialist: A more senior entry level position.  You can make simple maps with no analysis, just dots on a map without supervision.  You can digitize in your sleep.

Salary: $49,000. You can get your own place now!!

GIS Analyst: Has the ability to make simple maps and has specialized knowledge in an area so that he/she can do analysis. Can do minor programming

Salary: $60,000 Time to save for retirement!

GIS Developer: The world of programming is your friend. No longer do simple GUI buttons work efficently.

Salary: $92,000 Time to get rid of the roommate

GIS Manager: In charge of all the GIS folks, quality control of the GIS products.  Head honcho.

Salary:  $91,000

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